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Natural Gas Odorization Systems

GPL Odorizers designs and manufactures odorant injection systems to safely odorize natural gas, propane, biomethane (renewable natural gas), and biogas.

GPL Tank

Natural Gas Odorizers for Our Future

Accurate and Reliable

Even in Problematic Flow Ranges

Precision chemical injection into gases over a wide range, including problematic no-flow, ultra-low-flow, to high-flow and high-pressure uses

Cutting-Edge Technology

Adaptive Touchscreen Controller

Advanced electronic components save time and money. Remote monitoring, real-time communications, and efficient reporting

Easy & Inexpensive Operation

Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges

Straightforward systems, cost-effective, easy to maintain and operate with few moving parts, and no smelly pumps to maintain

No Odorant or Gas Discharge

No-Smell Operation, Eco-Friendly

The patented and innovative approach does not use gas to actuate the system. Clean, closed-loop, and ventless design

Precise Odorization for Most Applications

GPL 750
GPL 10000
GPL 750

GPL 750

The GPL 750 excels in low-flow natural gas odorization applications. The odorizer is appropriate for municipalities and small city gate stations. The GPL 750 RNG excels in odorizing biogas and biomethane (renewable natural gas) and is for biomethane and biogas producers.


GPL 5000

While the GPL 5000 is ideal for natural gas and propane in high-flow conditions at low pressures, the unit can odorize biogas or biomethane also. It’s appropriate for municipalities, small city gate stations, and large stations if at low pressure.

GPL 10000

GPL 10000

The GPL 10000 is intended for higher-pressure and high-volume applications at transmission companies and large city gate stations. The odorizer has high rangeability, achieving precision odorization over a wide operating range of volume.

The MercapMan Blog

MercapMan educates on the importance of odorants and odorizing natural gas.


What does MercapMan say about GPL Odorizers?

“Reliable, cutting-edge—yet simple, inexpensive to operate, and planet-friendly? It just makes scents!”

RNG Works 2024

The RNG WORKS 2024, North America’s RNG industry’s annual technical workshop & trade expo, is September 10-12, 2024, at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN.