GPL 10000 Odorization System


The GPL 10000 is intended for high-pressure and high-volume applications at transmission companies and large city gate stations. The odorizer has high rangeability, achieving precision odorization over a wide operating range of volume. The industry-leading programmable logic controller (PLC) interfaces with the flow meter and its system components to maintain constant odorant injection proportional to the gas flow rate.

Continuous Odorant Injection for Pipelines:

Up to 1480 PSI (102 Bar)
From 0.48 MMSCFD to 240 MMSCFD (injection rate of 0.5 lb./MMSCFH)

GPL 10000 Feature GPL 10000 Benefits
A closed-loop system means no gas or odorant discharges to atmosphere

·   No smell during operation and maintenance

·   Lowers false leak calls and complaints

·   Eco-friendly; better for the environment

Does not use gas to actuate the system

·   Saves pipeline gas

Continuous odorant injection proportional to the gas flow rate

·   Eliminates under- or over-odorization issues

·   Accurate and reliable odorant injection

High rangeability (100:1 turndown ratio)

·   Odorization over a wide range of flows

Few moving parts

·   Simple operation

·   low maintenance

·   long-lasting performance

·   no smelly pneumatic pumps to replace or maintain

Dual stroke electric-powered bellows pump

·   Back up if one pump ever fails

Modular solid-state manifold

·   Easy to replace and work on

Industry-leading PLC with large (7”), intuitive, color touchscreen and SD card data storage

Spanish mode available upon request

·   Easy to learn and operate

·   The data stores on PLC SD Card permitting accessible audit-trail reports for regulatory or company inspections

·   Communicates real-time critical alarms and soft alarms (maintenance reminders)

·   Allows for Modbus (SCADA)

PLC Interfaces with SCADA Systems

·   SCADA systems save time and energy, increase reliability, reduces cost, improves worker safety, higher customer satisfaction, and improves utilization.

Wireless modem

·   Remote communication (using a wireless modem or Modbus) permits real-time mobile alerts and online monitoring to mobile phones and computers to prevent small problems from becoming big ones and speeds up restoration time.

Easy-to-use software provided

·   No additional software required

Class I Division 2, Groups C and D

·   Adheres to standards

  • Turnkey odorization packages
  • Thermoelectric generator
  • Odorant Pressure Control

Odorant Injection System Upgrades

GPL Odorizers offers full packaged odorization skids with the odorizer, ASME odorant tank, and containment assemblies; in both vertical and horizontal tank configurations.

Through our GPL-authorized service provider, we offer our clients a one-stop acquisition experience, to ensure excellent service while minimizing oversight and scheduling challenges.

Our temporary/portable odorization packages are easy to transport by a forklift and fits in the back of most pickup trucks.

  • The GPL odorization units are reliable and trouble-free. Installation, operation, and maintenance are easy, and as a bonus, the odorizers have clean systems—meaning no smell. The GPL staff has been responsive to our needs and willing to address any questions.

    — Wesley Warstler, Leader, NiSource Instrumentation & Controls, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky

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