Fiberglass Buildings and Enclosures

To add the extra level of protection, we offer the upgrade of including a Shelter Works custom-built fiberglass building to house the entire odorization system.

Fiberglass buildings enhance the system’s protection from weather and other environmental events. The Shelter Works fiberglass building also discourages vandalism and improves the appearance. Shelter Works uses a distinctive FiberBeam™ so that the roof and walls do not buckle in heavy snow, thus giving the odorant injection system additional protection. Having a building designed to the customer’s specifications provides the end-user with an opportunity to specify doors, windows, roof hatches, access panels, cut-outs, or bulkheads necessary to accommodate the system.

Impervious to Mercaptan
The Shelter Works fiberglass features a closed-cell construction making it impervious to mercaptan, this means that the odorant won’t absorb into the fiberglass.

  • Custom Sizes & Colors
  • Insulation Value up to R-21
  • Skids, Bases & Floors
  • Containment Floors
  • Molded Openings
  • Partition Walls & Knock Outs
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Mounting Reinforcements
  • Single, Double, Sliding or Roll-Up Doors
  • Awnings
  • Panic, 2-points or 3-point Door Hardware
  • Electrical Packages
  • Lighting
  • Vents, Windows & Skylights
  • HVAC Packages

Upgrade Benefits

Improve Appearance

Specify doors, windows, roof hatches, access panels, cut-outs, or bulkheads necessary to accommodate the system.

Deter Vandalism

Housed inside the fiberglass enclosure is the odorization containment skid with the odorant tank.

Protect from Weather

Protection against adverse weather or other environmental impacts.

Other Odorization System Upgrades

We provide mercaptan or methanethiol (odorant) tank assemblies and containment vessels.

Safe and effective, smart gas odorization that is planet-friendly and backed by an industry leading service platform and warranty.

Through our GPL-authorized service provider, we offer our clients a one-stop acquisition experience, to ensure excellent service while minimizing oversight and scheduling challenges.

  • The GPL 750 Odorizer solved one of our most challenging odorization applications. It demonstrated accurate and repeatable odorant injection even in no flow, low flow, and intermittent flow conditions. The GPL 750 has proven to be boringly reliable.

    — Matt Stennett, P.E., Chief Gas Engineer, Smithville, TN

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