Mobile Odorization System Skid Extension

GPL Odorizers is happy to introduce our new skid extension option for our GPL 750 Standalone Turnkey System. This system is an all-inclusive mobile odorization system. The skid extension allows the user to integrate more instrumentation to expand the system’s capabilities while maintaining its mobility when needed.

Skid Extension for Mobile Odorization SystemStandalone, Turnkey, All-Inclusive Odorization

GPL Odorizers 750 standalone design is an all-inclusive turnkey system on a built-in pallet which permits moving the unit quickly with a pallet jack. The system is for permanent or semi-permanent odorization (not temporary), yet because of its mobility, it can serve in temporary and pickling applications.

The system consists of all the essential components to odorize natural gas. It includes the GPL 750 odorizer, the tank (options of 60 or 120 gallons), the injection control panel, and CLIDiv1 or CLIDiv2 hazardous classification. Its sleek design offers inherent protection from its galvanized roof, and its minimal footprint provides efficient use of an area.

Add TEG (Remote Power) or  Blanket Gas Tanks

The new skid extension allows the user to easily integrate other instrumentation or equipment, such as blanket gas tanks, TEG (thermoelectric generator) for off-grid power in remote places, or other instruments the user wants to integrate into their system.

This skid extension is available for existing GPL models of the standalone design as well as new systems.

In this video, Adrian Stang walks you through a GPL mobile system and shows the skid extension.

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