Odorizers with Custom Spanish Mode PLC

GPL Odorizers, the manufacturer of odorization equipment, is pleased to announce that our odorizers now have a Spanish mode within their industrial control system. This custom mode assists our Spanish-speaking domestic and international users.

Odorization Units with Custom Spanish Mode ControllersSouth American Countries to Require Natural Gas Odorization

When seeing an increasing interest in GPL Odorizers from Central and Latin America, I learned that many South American countries would soon require their gas companies to odorize natural gas distributed to their customers.

As a bilingual senior technician for GPL Odorizers, I’ve encouraged the company to provide its sales and datasheets of its odorizers and products in Spanish over the years. But I wondered about the brains of the odorization system itself, the Horner controllers.

The controllers provide the operator interface with text-based touchscreens to operate the system. A Spanish-speaking person may have difficulty navigating the controller if they aren’t fluent in English.

Customized Programming for Spanish

The GPL odorization systems utilize the latest technology in a leading 7-inch Horner PLC. Through my efforts and Harrison Baer, a GPL Odorizer Programming Engineer, we developed the Spanish mode for the GPL 750 and the GPL 10000. This new feature provides a more user-friendly experience for a Spanish-speaking customer.

Here is an example of one of the controller touchscreens in Spanish mode.

Spanish Mode and Spanish-Speaking Technical Support

The Spanish mode presents all the standard functionality of the odorant injection units; odorant level, alarms, maintenance, usage, etc. It also includes our 24-hour service line on the main screen for customers requiring support. While not all of our technicians, engineers, or call center members are bilingual, a significant portion of the staff is.

The Spanish mode is available for Latin Americans and domestic users, given that the United States has the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world behind Mexico.

At GPL, we always look for new ways to support our customers.

US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum Video

Brando attended the US-Mexico Natural Gas Forum in late 2022. During this time, the following video was filmed. You can learn more about Brando Bustos here.

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