Operate Gas Odorization Training

Linc Energy Systems, a GPL-authorized service provider and distributor for GPL Odorizers, now offers manufacturer equipment training for GPL gas odorization equipment.

Odorizer Equipment TrainingOdorizer Equipment Training

Linc Energy Systems now offers equipment training classes for the GPL 750 and GPL 10000 in both a standardized format and a custom class to better support our clients’ needs.

Manufacturer’s Recommended Classes

This course satisfies our (GPL Odorizers) recommendation that our odorizer users be trained in the equipment’s proper operation and maintenance. Failure to comply with properly operating and maintaining the equipment can void the GPL Odorizer warranty, destroy property, cause injury, or even worse.

Standard and custom comprehensive courses offer classroom and hands-on instruction on the safe operation and maintenance of GPL equipment.

Who are the classes for?

The classes are for the employees, contractors, and operators of GPL Odorizers.

Why is this training necessary?

The student will learn new skills ensuring that they know how to operate the critical functions of the equipment safely. Upon successful completion, the student receives certification that they have completed the course, satisfying our training requirements to maintain the equipment’s warranty.

This certification may also satisfy the employer’s safety training program and help keep the employer compliant with regulatory agencies requiring safety training on equipment the employee uses.

What are our customers saying?

The GPL Standard 10000 technical course was fundamental to my ability to understand and operate the GPL 10000. All who operate or maintain the GPL 10000 would benefit from this course. I can confidently perform the maintenance required to keep the system operating at peak efficiency.”

—Parker Fulton, Pipeline Conditioning, Field Engineer

The Pertinent Details

The classes are at Linc Energy Systems headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado, and are limited to eight students, so they fill up quickly. The December classes have already filled up. However, they are currently accepting registrations for the following:

  • Standard GPL 750 Class – March 2023
  • Standard GPL 10000 Class – June 2023
  • Custom Classes* (date TBD)

*A Custom Class is training designed to meet the client’s specific needs. Or it can be the standard curriculum when a client needs to get their staff trained before the next Standard Class.

Learn more and register for your class on Linc Energy Systems.

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