Premium Odorant Injection System Principle of Operation

Linc Energy Systems, the master distributor for GPL Odorizers, posted on their blog the principle of operations for two GPL odorant injection systems, the 10000 and 750.

GPL 10000 odorization unit

GPL 10000 odorization system

GPL Odorizers

GPL Odorizers is the manufacturer of technologically advanced, cost-effective, and eco-friendly odorant injection systems for natural gas, propane, and biogas. The company positions itself as the provider of a planet-friendly alternative to traditional injection systems. The GPL systems do not use pipeline gas to drive the system. They are sealed and ventless, having no odor and releasing no gas or odorant to the atmosphere during normal operations.

GPL 10000 Odorization

Odorant Injection System

Pictured above is the GPL 10000 odorizer with an odorant tank and containment system.

The GPL 10000 is for high-volume and high-pressure applications typical of transmission companies and large city gate stations. The odorizer uses advanced technology for accurate, repeatable, and low maintenance odorant injection. The 10000 provides continuous odorant injection proportional to gas flow. The system has high rangeability (100:1 turndown ratio) and delivers precision injection (0.2% accuracy) over a wide operating range, from 480 MSCFD to 240 MMSCFD, for pipelines with pressures up to 1480 PSI.

To read the principle of operations for this unit, visit GPL 10000 Odorant Injection.

GPL 750 Odorant Injection System

The GPL 750 uses proprietary drip technology, permitting precise odorization in even problematic ranges, such as low-volume (even no-flow) and intermittent-volume applications from 0-24 MMSCFD on pipelines with pressure ranging 40 to 250 PSI. The odorant injection system is appropriate for small city gate stations, methane (biogas) producers, and municipalities.

The principle of operations for this unit is available on GPL 750 Odorizer Principle of Operation.

If you are interested in learning more about either of these systems, we invite you to send your inquiry to Linc Energy Systems directly or message us.

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