AGMSC 2024 – Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course

The Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course 2024 (AGMSC) will be held August 5-8 at Robert Morris University in Moon Township, PA.

Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course

The Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course 2024 (AGMSC) provides an opportunity for those involved in natural gas measurement, regulation, and control to learn from experienced peers and instructors in the gas industry.

Over 90 lecture classes deliver a clear and structured curriculum designed to help students best suit their experience level in 13 sections:

    1. Fundamentals of Measurement and Regulation
    2. Production and Storage
    3. Basics of Measurement and Pressure Control
    4. Gas Quality
    5. Advanced Metering Low Volume
    6. Communications and Scada
    7. Advanced Metering High Volume
    8. Odorization
    9. Pressure Control
    10. Current Industry Topics
    11. Instrumentation and Automation
    12. NGL’s—Wet Gas
    13. General Topics

Hands-On Workshops

In addition to the lectures, 23 sections of hands-on workshops and demonstrations permit students to interact with equipment facilitated by manufacturer and vendor experts.

Watch for Garret Cox’s hands-on workshops as he will present “Zero Emissions Odorization” as part of the Hands-on Workshops.

Garrett Cox at the AGMSC Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course

Garrett Cox at the Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course 2023

AGMSC 2024–In-person and Some Virtual

The 2024 conference allows attendees to attend in person or participate virtually in the Basics of Measurement and Pressure Control.

As an integral part of the curriculum, the manufacturers’ exhibits will continue to offer students the opportunity to view the latest gas measurement, regulation, and odorization technology innovations.

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About GPL Odorizers

GPL Odorizers designs and manufactures odorant injection systems to safely odorize natural gas, propane, biomethane (renewable natural gas), and biogas. Stop by our booth to learn what’s new in advanced natural gas odorant injection and odorization.

GPL Odorizers will exhibit at the AGMSC. Those attending the event include (employees of Linc Energy Systems—GPL Odorizer’s master distributor) Garrett Cox, Jeff Cox, Lucas Cox, and Jake Martinez.

Linc Energy Systems is the leading distributor and authorized service provider.

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