GPL SunShade Combats Mercaptan Evaporation

The GPL SunShade is an attachment designed to retrofit GPL Odorization skids to protect the equipment from the sun’s rays. This simple solution minimizes the potential for mercaptan evaporation due to large temperature swings.

Mercaptan Evaporation Issues at the Odorization Unit

Mecaptan Evaporation

When large temperature swings (ΔT) occur in the odorization world, the odorant, mercaptan, may phase from liquid to gas. Some would suggest the generic term is vaporization. A chemist may say it is evaporation. In any case, it could degrade the accuracy of odorization.

The GPL 750 and 5000 odorizers use proprietary drip technology to inject precise amounts of odorant into the gas stream to deliver uniform odorant distribution. This delivery system relies on dosing precise liquid droplets of odorant. If the liquid phases into gas, however, accuracy would degrade.

GPL Sunshade sun protection for odorization siteGPL SunShade

To be proactive, the GPL engineers designed the GPL Sun Shade. This optional attachment retrofits GPL turnkey skids. When customers anticipate that their skid will have access to direct sun or other conditions that could cause large temperature swings, this simple, practical solution solves the issue. The GPL SunShade is made from heavy-duty metal and is weatherproof and long-lasting.

The GPL SunShade minimizes mercaptan evaporation at an odorization site—another proactive solution from GPL Odorizers.

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