Activated Carbon Filter for Mercaptan Odor Removal

GPL Odorizers is happy to announce the release of the new GPL Passive Filter, an activated carbon filter for mercaptan odor removal from odorant or odorized natural gas, propane, biogas, RNG, and CNG without the need for power.

Activated Carbon Filter GPL Passive Filter

Mercaptan Odor Removal

The GPL Passive Filter removes mercaptan odor without the need for electricity through activated carbon filtration from odorant or odorized gas bleed lines or vents.

Why remove odorant from gas?

If odorization is a safety measure to add smell to odorless gas, why would you remove it?

The answer is simply that there are situations where odorized gas needs to vent, perhaps during normal operation at an odorization station. There are other times when a technician handles odorant, such as during equipment decommissioning, maintenance, installation, and odorant transfers. During these times, it is normal to smell mercaptan because it’s there, but it can lead to false leak-call complaints.

GPL Passive Filter

The unit comes in 15- and 30-gallon sizes and is easy to operate and install.

When to Use:

  • Mitigate industrial odor problems
  • Odorant storage vessel gas venting
  • Venting actuation gas for odorizer operation
  • Odorant refill
  • Odorization equipment failure
  • Odorization maintenance
  • Decommissioning odorization equipment
  • Installation of new odorization systems

How does it operate?

The passive filter media is within a self-contained polyethylene drum. When the user connects their equipment vent with mercaptan odor (or other odors) to the drum through a ¼” FNPT connection, the gas flows through the filter and releases into the atmosphere through the bung (vent) on the top when experiencing differential pressure. The released gas is odor-free. No electricity is required. It’s that simple.

If you’d like to learn more about the GPL Passive Filter, download the cut sheet, message us now, or call (303) 927-7683.

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