It’s a Balancing Act: Technology and Human Skills

At a time when the topic of AI seems to be clogging our email inboxes, social media platforms, news outlets, and entertainment, some throw caution to the wind, speculating that harmful things may result in this advanced technological age.

It’s a Balancing Act: Technology and Human SkillsAt GPL Odorizers, we believe the correct path is a balancing act. We pledge to utilize advanced technology and old-fashioned human interaction to deliver the best-in-class odorization equipment for our clients.

Game-changing technology improves lives.

Technological advancements offer humanity the potential for vast improvements in our lives. We know this because we’ve used technology breakthroughs in our odorization systems. As a result, we offer zero-emission gas odorization to help improve the environment, and this game-changing technology makes our clients’ lives easier. Not only do our systems tackle challenging applications, but they’re also reliable, simple to operate and maintain, and all backed by premium service and support from real people dedicated to satisfying our clients’ needs.

Genuine service only has a human touch.

As technology and AI integrate into business operations, some companies take advantage of it. When did you last call a retailer, utility company, or hospital? In most situations, you’re greeted with a machine that offers limited responses to your request. Some companies even have their technical support line answered by the unending nightmare loop of options. Many chatbots are equipped with conversational natural language processing (NLP), increasing the use of AI.

A machine will never answer our technical support line and put clients in that unending loop of options at our business. Yes, we realize we could save money by doing what others do. GPL Odorizers’ technical support line will always be answered by an actual technician or engineer ready to handle the client’s call, whether it’s two o’clock in the morning or New Year’s Day. Our private service line devoted to our users is open 24/7, 365 days a year, and is a simple example of how human service will always excel over AI engagement.

advanced odorization equipment

Technology doesn’t have to strip our humanity.

At GPL Odorizers, it’s a balancing act. From a technological standpoint, we pledge to stay ahead of the curve to offer the most advanced odorization equipment. But human engineers lead this work. Likewise, our customer service and support will always have the human touch as we believe technology doesn’t have to strip us of our humanity.

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