4 Benefits of Modern Gas Odorization Systems

Before proceeding with your next natural gas, propane, biomethane, or biogas odorization system or upgrade, consider the four benefits of our modern system. Also, arrange a consultation and receive a complimentary baseball cap.

Modern Gas Odorization Systems

Benefits of GPL Odorizers Gas Odorization System

What are the four primary benefits of our system?

1 – Zero Emission Odorization

GPL Odorizers is the pioneer of emissions-free gas odorization. That’s right. A sealed loop system and ventless design mean no odorant or gas discharge to the atmosphere, no smell operation, and we’ve always been green. Our odorizers don’t even use gas to actuate the system.

2 – Cutting-Edge Odorant Injection

Our modern systems — combining proprietary and patented technology and 20+ years of field-proven differential pressure principles — tackle the most challenging odorization applications. Our odorization systems are accurate and reliable even in problematic flow ranges such as no flow, ultra-low flow, high flow, and intermittent flow.

3 – Easy and Inexpensive to Operate and Maintain

Even though our systems utilize advanced technology, they are simple and inexpensive to operate and maintain. We provide a free 24/7 technical assistance line, direct to a real technician or engineer ready to assist with your questions or concerns.

4 – Single-Source Odorization Option

We have a program that simplifies the most complex odorization upgrades or new systems by providing a single source option to include all planning & engineering, acquisition, operations and maintenance, and disposal and decommissioning. We even have a program to “never touch odorant again!”

We do one thing, odorization, and we’re fantastic at it. That’s why our odorizers just make scents!

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