Meet Brian Paulson

Brian Paulson is GPL Odorizers’ Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Specialist, which is not exactly what Brian intended to do when he moved to Denver.

Brian earned his degree in marketing from North Dakota State University. While most college students would be happy earning just one degree during their four-year stint as a college undergrad, Brian wanted more. Midway through his studies at NDSU, he enrolled in the Tri-College Program to take courses at Minnesota State Moorhead while still attending NDSU. Brian graduated with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Integrated Advertising and Public Relations.

Brian Paulson APARS GPL OdorizersA New Chapter in Denver

Newly armed with a double degree and his high school sweetheart, Sam, by his side, the two set off to live and work in the Denver metro area, where Sam had secured a job at an architectural firm downtown.

Finding work was not quite as easy for Brian, and what could have been an overwhelming transition from the small border town of Osceola, Wisconsin, with its population just under 4,000, to the sprawling Denver metro, with a population nearing 3 million, didn’t faze Brian one bit. “I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into,” he shares, recalling the one-hour drive to Minneapolis-St. Paul frequently made while growing up in the area.

But while Brian was well-prepped for urban life, he was not quite as prepared to find a saturated job market in his career of choice.

For a short time, he dabbled in the solar business to make ends meet but didn’t find it very challenging. Luckily for GPL Odorizers, Brian’s older sister, who also lives in the area, turned him on to the available position we had for an Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Specialist, or APARS.

“People don’t often associate marketing with accounting,” said Brian, “but my marketing degree is from the College of Business at NDSU, so I am very familiar with accounting.”

Indeed, the skills acquired through his marketing background at NDSU’s College of Business, which included a strong focus on accounting principles, have proven essential.

“Brian walked through our doors a little more than a year ago, and we put him to work immediately,” said Jeff Cox, president and COO of Linc Energy Systems. “He is absolutely an invaluable member of the GPL Odorizers team.”

Life at the Office

Brian works at our headquarters in Lakewood, Colorado, just a stone’s throw from the condo he shares with his girlfriend, Sam.

“My commute is short,” says Brian. “Our condo is just a block away, so most of the time, I walk.”

Brian plays a key role at GPL, and on any given day, you’ll find him managing everything from customer invoicing and billing entries to the procurement processes.

“I know accounts payable isn’t what Brian set out to do, but we’re grateful he did,” says GPL Odorizers’ Director of Engineering, Preston Marcoux. “He’s taken a huge load off of our bookkeeper, and he’s a really great, easy-going guy to have around.”

Life Beyond the Office

Outside of work, Brian and Sam make the most of Denver’s vibrant outdoor culture. “The best part about living in Denver?” Brian muses, “Escaping the Midwest weather! Here, you’re not locked in for several months a year.” A passionate snowboarder, Brian hits the slopes at least once a month, often accompanied by Sam, who prefers skiing.

Their evenings are relaxed yet active, filled with long walks, rollerblading, or unwinding at the pool during the summer. He also loves the occasional get-togethers with close college friends who also migrated to Denver. “We all share a love of hockey and the UFC.”

Brian Paulson’s Favorite Tradition

Despite his busy life in Denver, Brian remains closely tied to his roots in Osceola. The youngest of three, Brian makes it a point to visit his family back home for their time-honored Christmas tradition of making lefse, a Norwegian flatbread. “It’s an extensive process, and we each have our roles. I used to cook, but now I’m in charge of rolling,” he says. “We use 10 pounds of potatoes for each batch to give away to neighbors and friends, and of course, we save little for ourselves.” Adding with a grin, “We always celebrate with a huge lutefisk and lefse dinner. I won’t eat the lutefisk, but the lefse is amazing.”

A Look Back at the Past Year

Reflecting on his first year at GPL Odorizers, Brian feels grateful. “When I walked into GPL, I immediately felt at home. There’s kind of a family vibe, and the team was super welcoming, which made it easy to fit right in,” he recalls.

As Brian celebrates his first anniversary with GPL, it’s clear he has not only adapted but thrived, blending his professional skills with personal passions, making him a cherished member of both the GPL and Denver communities. Here’s to many more successful years, Brian!

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