Andrew Bakas: Wrenching Pro, Race Car Enthusiast and EDM Aficionado

In the manufacturing world, it takes a special kind of individual to stand out among the gears and gadgets. At GPL Odorizers, one of their standout talents is none other than Andrew Bakas, a man whose passion for building things runs as deep as the engines he tinkers with and the gas odorizers he helps assemble.

andrew bakasAndrew Bakas GPL Technician

Andrew is a Colorado native who hails from one of the rougher neighborhoods in a northern suburb of Denver. His journey to becoming a manufacturing technician for GPL Odorizers is a testament to his self-taught expertise and relentless determination. “I really got this job because of my wrenching skills,” Andrew remarks, reflecting on his journey. “For me, it’s really relaxing, cerebral, and challenging.”

Andrew’s love affair with mechanics began early on, as a teenager constantly working on his mom’s high-mileage car with his father. It was during this time that he discovered his innate talent for disassembling and assembling things, a skill that would later become what he calls his trademark – “wrenching.”

Before joining our GPL family, Andrew honed his craft at a small HVAC company, installing furnaces and air conditioners but the seasonal nature of the business made life difficult to make ends meet. Joining GPL gave Andrew the stability and comradery he longed for.

Andrew says he feels a sense of investment in his personal growth at GPL, something he truly values. “I’m not just seen as an employee here,” Andrew explains. “They’re invested in seeing me grow in my personal life. That’s a rare thing in a company that I really treasure.”

Andrew also credits his colleague and mentor, Brando Bustos, for teaching him the ropes of the gas odorization manufacturing business and for helping him hone his skills.

“I think I’ve been able to build trust with him over the past year,” Andrew says of his supervisor. “I have been getting to do more assembly by myself, which is really helping me grow quickly.”

Brando seems to agree with Andrew’s assessment, saying, “Andrew is a true asset to the team; we value his “wrenching” skills. Adding, “He embodies the hardworking mentality that we all have here.”

Andrew also says he really appreciates the diversity of projects he’s given, from building and testing odorizers to assembling tanks and more. “I’m never bored because I’m always mixing it up from one project to another any given day,” he says with a grin.

So what does a self-proclaimed wrencher like Andrew do in his downtime? Outside GPL’s manufacturing plant, Andrew’s passions extend to the racetrack, but it’s not the kind of racetrack you’re probably thinking of.  A major race car enthusiast, he finds excitement and comradery at Denver Racing Sim, a members-only club that allows him to immerse himself in what he calls the ultimate racing experience. “It’s always been a dream of mine to race,” Andrew admits. “I love drifting the most.”

Drifting is a style of driving where the driver purposefully oversteers to make the car go sideways through the corners. “It’s the kind of driving that scares people the most.”

When he’s not tearing up the virtual track, Andrew enjoys the beats of EDM concerts and the simple joys of hanging out with friends. “There’s nothing like gathering around a bonfire or going to concerts with good company,” he muses.

It would be a mistake to think Andrew is just a man of mechanics; he’s a man of many talents. From building computers from scratch to hitting the gym for a swim or playing disc golf, his interests are as varied as they are lively.

His hidden talent is playing the violin in his high school orchestra, which conjures up one of his fondest teenage memories – recording a song for a Disney movie score.

As Andrew celebrates his one-year anniversary at GPL Odorizers, it’s clear that his journey is just beginning. With his passion, talent, and unwavering dedication, there’s no telling how far he’ll go. So here’s to Andrew—a true “wrenching” pro, race car enthusiast, EDM aficionado, and, above all, a kind-hearted soul with a knack for turning wrenches and heads. Cheers to many more years of success and growth, Andrew!

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