2024 Directory for Top U.S. Natural Gas Odorizer Manufacturers

Are you in search of natural gas odorizer manufacturers? Look no further! Here are the leading US brands for top-quality odorization equipment proudly manufactured in the United States. Each manufacturer specializes in a specific odorization technology: evaporative wick-style or bypass odorizers, vaporization, or odorant injection.

natural gas odorizer manufacturer gpl 750 standalone unit

Learn more about GPL Odorizers’ solutions for eco-friendly odorization.

1. GPL Odorizers

GPL Odorizers specializes in natural gas, biogas, and propane odorization equipment. The company is the innovator of the zero-emissions odorization system. It offers cost-effective, planet-friendly solutions with advanced technology. Its product range includes reliable odorant injection systems designed to enhance safety and detectability in gas distribution. Review the GPL Model Comparison.

Technology Type – chemical injection

Sales inquiries should go to Linc Energy Systems (303) 697-6701.
(303) 927-7683
12450 West Cedar Dr.
Lakewood, Colorado 80228

2. King Tool Company

King Tool Company manufactures two lines of natural gas odorizers. The “B” Series handles flow rates up to 8 MMSCF per hour, utilizing a bypass-type design. The “W” Series is suitable for flow rates less than 500 SCF per hour and uses a wick assembly.

Technology Type – chemical vaporization

(903) 759-4478
208 S. Avenue A
Longview, Texas 75604

3. Preco Odorant Injection

PRECO INC has emerged as a supplier of natural gas odorizers for utilities, industrial plants, and engineering companies. Their field-friendly odorizers are easy to operate and require low maintenance. Additionally, they offer Pulse ByPass Odorization Systems, Pump Injection Odorizer Systems, and natural gas meter reading solutions.

Technology Types – chemical vaporization and injection

607 North 108th Circle
Omaha, NE 68154

4. Welker Odoreyes

eco friendlyWelker OdorEyes offers a diverse catalog of solutions for natural gas odorization. Their offerings include injection systems, pumpless vapor injection systems, diffusing probes, exhaust filters, odorant flares, and spill kits.

Technology Types – chemical vaporization and injection

(281) 491-2331
13839 West Bellfort Street
Sugar Land, TX 77498

5. YZ Systems

YZ Systems offers a complete systems approach for odorant injection applications. Their NJEX odorization systems provide proportional-to-flow odorant injection, onboard metering, real-time system monitoring, and alarm notification. Additionally, YZ Odorizers recently introduced the ZEO Zero Emission Odorizer, which operates without any methane emissions during normal operation.

Technology type – chemical injection

(281) 362-6500
8825 N Sam Houston Pkwy W.
Houston, Texas, US

Natural Gas Odorizer Manufacturer Guide

If you need help selecting an odorizer for a specific application, call us or review our Odorization Section Guide for US Odorant Injection Systems.

7 International Odorization Equipment Manufacturers

  1. Regas Srl – Italy
  2. Intra EM – Latvia
  3. Varicon Pumps & Systems Pvt. Ltd – India
  4. Nikkiso Co., Ltd (LEWA Group) – Germany
  5. Honeywell International
  6. Fluideco – Spain
  7. Emerson

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