GPL Z9000 Odorant Injection System

The GPL Z9000 has been replaced by the GPL 750
The Z9000 odorizer, originally designed and manufactured by Zeck Systems, acquired by Sentry Equipment in 2010, and subsequently by GPL Odorizers in 2015, has been discontinued and replaced by the GPL 750 odorant injection system. Zeck introduced the Z9000 in 2003 as a simple and ventless odorant injection system with few moving parts.

GPL Odorizers offers the GPL 750 as the replacement for the Z9000. The 750 uses the original proprietary drip technology to deliver uniform and precise odorant injection over a wide flow range, including no-flow and intermittent-flow applications. This improved design utilizes advanced technology, including the Horner Controller, which uses open IP addressable pages for secure remote access and control with real-time alarms, offering its users notifications to smartphones.

Order Replacement Parts While Available
GPL Odorizers will continue to support and service the Z9000 units, and we will sell parts for the Z9000 through December 31, 2019, or until parts are no longer available. Please understand that we are seeing increasing costs on many of the Z9000 components, and availability, particularly the RTU components, is out of our control. We encourage all Z9000 owners to order the correct parts needed to keep their Z9000 units in good working order while parts are available.

We also are aware that the Z9000 original electronics and software are becoming outdated. With the end of Windows 7 extended support in January 2020 and the discontinuation of new proprietary programming on the Bristol Control Wave Controller, it may be prudent for Z9000 users to make preparations to replace their units entirely.

GPL 750 Replacement
If your company chooses to replace your Z9000 with the new 750 unit, your well-maintained tanks, drip mufflers, tubing, and wiring may be used with a new GPL 750. The feedback we have received on the GPL 750 from Z9000 users is that the 750 is more straightforward to operate and maintain, does not require expensive replacement parts, and is more reliable.

The GPL 750 odorizer draws from advanced proprietary technology to provide precise odorization in even problematic conditions, for example, low-volume (even no-flow) and intermittent-volume conditions. The odorizer unit is appropriate for municipalities, small city gate stations, and methane (biogas) producers. The PLC receives flow information and automatically compensates the injection rate to provide uniform odorant distribution.

GPL Z9000 Feature GPL Z9000 Benefits
  • Ventless
    • Improved safety
    • Saves pipeline gas
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Lowers leak call complaints
    • Simple and intuitive operation and maintenance
  • Only two moving parts
  • Precise in batch and drip mode
  • Small physical footprint
  • Accurate at varying flow rates
  • Excellent communication for remote use