GPL Odorizers is Now a Member of the RNG Coalition

GPL Odorizers is now a member of the RNG Coalition (Renewable Natural Gas Coalition), the leading advocate for educating the public and political influencers on converting waste to renewable, sustainable energy.

What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Renewable natural gas is also called sustainable natural gas or biomethane, biogas upgraded to pipeline-quality natural gas. It has a methane concentration of 90% or more.

RNG coalition renewable natural gas What is the RNG Coalition?

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas serves as the public policy advocate and education platform for the North American Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) industry. The group promotes sustainable development, deployment, and use of RNG so that people have domestic, renewable, clean fuel and energy.

The RNG Coalition brings together resources, organizes assets, specialists and achieves encouraging results for established industry missions and priorities. The group educates the public and elected policymakers. It monitors, advocates for, and influences laws and regulations that create markets and drive the demand on which our industry depends. Learn more at

What does GPL Odorizers LLC have to do with Renewable Energy?

GPL Odorizers is the first manufacturer of environmentally safe odorization systems. Additionally, we have a system specializing in biogas and biomethane odorization, the gas that is upgraded to create RNG.

advantages of GPL Odorizer for RNG odorization

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