Is mercaptan toxic? Is it safe to inject it into natural gas?

Q. Is mercaptan toxic?

A. Mercaptan is indeed a toxic gas and flammable. At high levels, it affects the nervous system. At all times, the odorant must be appropriately handled.

Q. How can operators remove mercaptan odor to keep workers safe?

When working with mercaptan or odorized gas, the GPL Odor eVac removes the odor associated with mercaptan, improving the work conditions, creating a safer environment, and reducing the risks of leak-call complaints.

Garrett Cox discussing mercaptan

Garrett Cox – Director of Operations

Q. What makes it is a good idea to inject it into natural gas?

A. The simple answer is that mercaptan is not harmful at the levels used when odorizing natural gas. The nose can detect mercaptan at a 1.6 PPB (parts per billion), and the typical range of odorants in natural gas ranges from 0-10 ppm (parts per million). Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set the permissible exposure limit for the mercaptan at 10 PPM of air.

Indeed, it is safer to have gas odorized at these levels than to have odorless, colorless, and virtually undetectable combustible gases transported through our distribution pipelines. Read More >


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